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Wed mar 22
7:30 pm

Playing with Food Dinner with Smallman Galley

Smallman Galley
2016 Smallman Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

A good meal, and certainly good music, has the ability to create a lasting impression in our memory. But what if we were to explore the connections between food and music? If you’ve ever considered how these two artistries relate, we’ve created an exciting and delicious event for you.

We invite you to explore this creative intersection at our "Playing with Food" Dinner on Wednesday, March 22nd. Four courses from each of our virtuoso chefs meet musical performances by the talented students of Carnegie Mellon School of Music. In addition to our chefs' stellar dishes, the showcase of each course will be four original compositions by Evan Neely--created to match their culinary stylings and unique personalities.

The evening will be led by Monique Mead, an accomplished musician and educator, who has helped conceptualize and execute this project. Among her many projects, she is the Director of Music Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon School of Music. Monique, her students and the Smallman Galley chefs are equally excited to share this collaboration and hope that you will consider joining us for an truly remarkable dining experience that will appeal to all of your senses.

Tickets are $60.

Eventbrite - Carnegie Mellon University Philharmonic



Toast & Veggies
roasted & raw vegetables, herb aioli, spring sprouts, Toast of all Types
by Chef Jacqueline Wardle of Josephine's Toast

Duck Wings
crispy confit duck wings, smoked tomato & peach, soy caramel, sesame seeds, scallions
by Chef Stephen Eldridge of Provision PGH

Garlic Parmesan Broth
white beans, kale + nori, pepita-parsley pesto, pumpernickel rye crostini, grana padana
by Chef Jessica Lewis of Carota Cafe

Fruit Hand Pies
whipped cream, apples, puff pastry
by Chef Rafael Vencio of Aubergine Bistro

- Edna Jeon, flute
- Jana Lange, flute
- Madison Ogburn, voice
- Natalie Beckenbaugh, oboe
- Sara Magill, harp
- Casey Ferguson, bassoon
- Terrence Ting, cello
- Coby Rangel, harmonica
- Ben Tisherman, clarinet
- Daniel King, voice
- Sophie Graf, harp

- Evan Neely

- Monique Mead