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Tue mar 20
7:30 pm

Student Recital: Theodore Teichman, composer

Heinz Chapel, University of Pittsburgh
4200 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260

Theodore Teichman, composer BSA'18
Greg Piszczek, organist

Title:  In receding waves of cool air 

Where: Heinz Memorial Chapel, Pittsburgh, PA 

Music is always rooted in a time and a place, however, often that time a place are the point of conflict for the listening experience. However, there is something beautiful and terrifying in the passage of time of the natural world. In this time and site specific work, I seek to embrace it. In the work, the light painting of the windows of the Heinz Chapel and the evolving, undulating drones of the organ work cohesively and inseparably to capture and subject themselves to the inevitability of the world in time. As much as the work is in the site of the Heinz Chapel, it is also in the site of nature. As the ecology of the earth is under threat, I create works about sonic ecologies and the inevitability and might (for now) of the forces of the natural world. In doing so I posit a renegotiation of our relationship as humans on our planet. Especially in a city like Pittsburgh, this transformation and reassessment is not only visceral today but utterly crucial.  Click for more information.

Duration: 30 minutes