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A very special kind of young musician comprises the Carnegie Mellon School of Music. The students here are intelligent, curious and ambitious, with musical talent in abundance. Each time I encounter them - in class, in rehearsal, or in the hallways – I become more convinced that the future of our art is in good hands. We can look forward to the current generation of students impacting the future of musical art in remarkable ways. 

At its heart, the Carnegie Mellon School of Music is a conservatory of the highest order, where the best practices and traditions of music performance are transferred from brilliant studio teachers to talented and energetic students. Our faculty is comprised of world-class performers and teachers who know what it takes to achieve success in a rapidily changing, always challenging marketplace, and who know how to impart that knowledge to students.

Enveloping the School of Music is Carnegie Mellon University, one of the world’s great educational and research institutions. Here, music students have the opportunity to explore and develop extra-musical interests in an incredibly rich, creative and supportive environment. We encourage this exploration - believing it crucial to a thorough university education - and actively enable it by helping each student invent a unique educational path through the university, one that fits his or her interests and aspirations. 

Carnegie Mellon is situated in the City of Pittsburgh, which boasts art and music in abundance and consistently shows up on "most livable cities" lists. Home to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and countless other performing arts groups, its cultural landscape is the envy of other cities.

The Carnegie Mellon School of Music is an amazing place because passionate people with remarkable skills are doing extraordinary things. If that sounds like your kind of place, drop us a line - we would love to meet you.

Sincerely yours,

Denis Colwell
Head, School of Music