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Summer Programs




June 20 - June 24, 2016
Eligibility:  Ages 7-14 yrs 

The Elementary and Middle School Summer String Workshop is a 5-day workshop designed to bring young string students together with distinguished teachers and musicians from the greater Pittsburgh area for an inspiring week of music making. Students are challenged in a supportive environment to cultivate musical growth by small and large ensemble participation, singing and performing in the chorus, and exploring the creative process of music


Summer Pre-College Music Program

The Summer Pre-College Music Program offers a unique view of the life of a music student at Carnegie Mellon in a supportive environment of study and performance. It is an ideal opportunity to experience a world-class conservatory program and discover your potential for a career in music. Instruction is challenging, creativity is expected and the responsibility of making music and training musicians is taken very seriously. Coupled with the rich cultural life of the city of Pittsburgh and varied campus activities, the program is an extraordinary way for young musicians to see what college is like. You get to live on campus, take classes with conservatory professors, play, rehearse, perform and enjoy the freedom of college life in a safe environment.