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Summer Pre-College


Where Serious Musicians Go To Play For The Summer.

Carnegie Mellon School of Music is a stimulating, vibrant, conservatory environment where talented performers, composers, conductors, and educators prepare for professional careers in music. Instruction is challenging, creativity is expected and the responsibility of making music and training musicians is taken very seriously. At Carnegie Mellon, we are proud of our history in which tradition and technology co-exist. The School of Music continues to graduate superb musicians who are known worldwide as masters of their art.

The Program

Designed for rising high school juniors and seniors, our six-week residential program will give you the opportunity to see what college is like. This is not high school and it is not camp - it is as close to college as a high school student can get. You get to live on campus, take classes with conservatory professors, rehearse and perform with other students from the region, and enjoy the freedom of college life in a safe environment.

The Faculty

The School of Music Pre-College program employs a core faculty composed of professors, conductors, and  instructors from its world-class conservatory program and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Joining the core faculty will be working professionals engaged especially for the Pre-College program.

Our Expectations

Becoming a professional musician requires extraordinary talent and versatility. The complete musician must be prepared to play jazz as well as classical and contemporary repertoire. Students in every discipline are strongly encouraged to reach their full potential: singers learn to act, dance and perform in several languages; composers learn to rehearse their own works; pianists learn to sight-read and play chamber music. Music at Carnegie Mellon is more than practicing an instrument – it is an intense, exciting course of study, experienced side by side with other young musicians who share similar goals and aspirations.