Recording Services Frequently Asked Questions

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Recording Services Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How will I be billed for my recording?

A: Fees are charged to your student account, and will appear on your invoice as Recording Services. These charges must be cleared according to Carnegie Mellon University's rules regarding tuition payment. You will receive a notice from the Recording Services that your account will be charged. If you do not want your student account charged, or you do not have a student account, you can make a payment with a check or money order. Please make your check or money order payable to Carnegie Mellon School of Music.

Q: My recital has been canceled or moved to another date. How do I cancel my request or change the date? 
A: Please fill out the Cancellation/Reschedule form. You may be charged a cancellation fee if the form is submitted less than 48 hours before the event. 

Q: What should I expect to happen at my recital?
A: Typically, our crew will come in one hour before the recital to set up. Please make sure the venue is reserved to you from 1 hour prior to recital. Also, please note that Recording Services crew are unavailable for general recital crew services.

Soundcheck will about 30 to 45 minutes before your recital start time. You should be prepared to perform a short portion of your program that includes the loudest section that will be heard in the course of your program. Once levels are set, you are free to continue warming up and preparing for your recital. Soundcheck typically takes less than 5 minutes. Please let the engineer know at soundcheck if there are any program changes or encores.

Webcast streams begin 15 minutes before recital. Let your family members and friends know that the webcast can be viewed at

If you have an intermission, please let the engineer know if you plan to have an intermission shorter than 10 minutes long.

Q: I am having troubles downloading my recording.
A: Please contact Rich Kawood at for assistance.

Q: What should I expect after my recital?
A: The engineer should give you a CD containing a raw audio recording of your recital before your reception. If you do not recieve your CD, contact Rich Kawood at by next business day.

You will also receive a download link for the edited and mastered recording via email. With these files, you can make a CD or DVD. If you would prefer Recording Services to handle this for you, please specify so in your recording request form. Turnaround time for recordings is usually around 2 weeks, but at times can take as long as 4 weeks. If you need your finished recording sooner, please specify so in your recording request form or contact Rich Kawood at at

Q: How will my recording files be delivered?
A: Audio recordings are delivered as CD-quality Apple Lossless files, which can be played in iTunes. Videos are delivered as MPEG-4 files, which is the current industry standard. Audio and video files are delivered in ZIP files. 

Q: What are ZIP files?
A: ZIP is a popular archive format widely used on the Internet. ZIP files can store multiple files in compressed form. After you download a ZIP file, you need to unpack its contents in order to access and use the files. In most cases, you can unpack ZIP files by simply doubleclicking on them. In case you are having problems opening ZIP files, we recommend you to try WinZip or WinRAR for Windows, or Stuffit Expander for Macs.

Q: What is the difference between a Data DVD and DVD-Video?
A: DVD-Video is a format playable on DVD players and computers. Data DVDs contain video files that can only be accessed on a computer. DVD-Video discs are Standard Definition; Data DVDs are High Definition.

Q: Can I burn my own CDs and DVDs.
A: Yes. Please see Create your own CDs and DVDs for more information.

For all other questions, please contact Rich Kawood at