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Performance Information


CMU Chamber Music:

All the information necessary for being a part of the CMU Chamber Ensembles for Fall 2018.  Includes the group assignments for the Fall 2018 semester, a link to the syllabus and rules for the ensembles, forms for group requests and registration, as well as a log to record your coachings and rehearsals.

CMU Chorus:

The following page provides brief descriptions for the vocal ensembles, including: CMU Chorus, CMU Singers, and CMU Festival Chorus.  Additionally, there is a link to the 2018-2019 CMU Chorus Syllabus, audition requirements, and general rehearsal dates/times.


This page includes links to the Opera 2018-2019 schedule, Opera casting, and materials for the current opera repertoire.

CMU Philharmonic:

The Philharmonic page contains relevant announcements for the 2018-2019 CMU Philharmonic season, including: syllabus, login information to the downloadable music website, current music director’s email and bio, and principal strings audition repertoire.  Additionally, you will find links to the current ensemble calendar, casting and repertoire, attendance policy, syllabus, dress code, string auditions, and the downloadable music depository.

CMU Wind Ensemble:

The Wind Ensemble page contains the repertoire for the 2018-2019 CMU Wind Ensemble season.  Additionally, you will find links to the ensemble calendar, casting information, and information regarding the current directors/conductors of the ensemble.