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Academic Information


Undergraduate Checklists:

Checklists for the undergraduate music degree majors. These are intended to help you graduate on time.

Graduate Checklists/Information:

This page, similar to the undergraduate page, contains checklists for the graduate music degree majors to help you graduate on time, and in addition, organizes the graduate degree requirements by semester. Also, it provides information regarding the comprehensives and the outreach requirements.

Certificate/Diploma Checklists:

Checklists for all of the Advanced Music Studies areas of study as well as for the Piano Pedagogy certificate and the Artist Diploma.

Music Education Checklists/Information:

Information regarding the Music Education program at CMU. This includes the curriculum, applications, forms, and other requirements for the program.

Minor Checklists/Information:

Information for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a music minor.  Along with checklists, applications are included for those who want to officially declare a minor.