Carnegie Mellon University Contemporary Ensemble

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Founded by composer Leonardo Balada in 1972, the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble has been led by Daniel Nesta Curtis since 2011. Its distinguished list of past directors includes Mr. Balada, Keith Lockhart, Gil Rose, Sidney Harth, Eduardo Alonso Crespo, and Efrain Amaya. Comprised of graduate and performance degree students in the school of music, the ensemble’s rich history includes regional, national, and world premieres of major compositions from the past 60 years. Particularly dedicated to collaborating with young composers in the Pittsburgh area, the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Music Ensemble hosts weeklong composers’ labs where new works are work-shopped and recorded. In the past 2 years the ensemble has premiered 10 student and 4 faculty works at their popular concert series in Kresge Theatre on the CMU campus. The Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble often performs in collaboration with the CMU School of Drama and CMU School of Fine Art in multimedia concerts involving spoken word, film, and sound technology.