1992 – Present

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The Carnegie Mellon Department of Music became a School of Music under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Keeling, Head of the School from 1996 – 2001.

The first long-distance, internet-based master class was conducted from the basement of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute in 1996. This type of instruction is now routinely done from the recording studio in the College of Fine Arts.

 In 2006 an innovative program called Repertory + Listening was established by Paul Johnston. This course exposes students to the large repertory of classical music through streamed audio.

In 2009, The School of Music created a highly selective undergraduate and master’s program in Music and Technology, in conjunction with the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

In the 1980s, an advisory board ranked the School of Music among the top 25 nationwide - by 2010 it ranked among the top 10. Its success builds upon the world-class faculty from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the world-class educational opportunities of Carnegie Mellon University, a history of innovative curricula and a culture of superior achievement.