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Thu may 3
10:00 pm

Student Opera Production: Trapped in a Mind with a Friend of Mine - A New Opera

Kresge Theatre, College of Fine Arts
5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Andrew Dewey, composer
Lauren Wimmer, librettist


Trapped in a Mind with a Friend of Mine is about a man named Owen who accidentally receives a package intended for Martha, a woman in his apartment building that he had been wanting to become closer to but couldn't because of his shyness and depression. As a result, Owen builds this idealized version of Martha who is manifested in Owen's reality and on stage. Owen builds a relationship with Idealized Martha and learns about what he really wants both in his mind and in reality.

This creation of Lauren's is an ambitious one that gives a fresh perspective on depression and this production shows the true power of the School of Music's and Carnegie Mellon's student body between the vocalists, the instrumentalists, the designers, and the technicians. All these elements come together to produce the premiere of a full, one-act opera.

Run time: Approx. 40 minutes